6 Reasons Why Attending Industry Trade Shows is Important

6 reasons why attending industry trade shows is important

The digital age we are living in may have you asking yourself, “Why should I bother attending a trade show?” Current sales and marketing tactics concentrated on computer screens and mobile devices lack an individualized touch. There is a huge value in the person-to-person interactions that can only happen at an industry trade show.

From small shows organized by your state’s association to large expos like the International Security Conference in Las Vegas, trade shows provide the opportunity to connect with your peers, explore the latest technologies, and continue to improve your industry knowledge. We have compiled 6 reasons why attending industry trade shows is important:


No matter what side of the industry you represent, you will need support from vendors and outsourced service providers. Most importantly, trade shows bring out a variety of companies, industry experts, and enthusiasts. Meeting with exhibitors and other attendees could lead to potential partnerships. Forging alliances with industry related contacts can be key to improving your operations and success of your business. Make sure to review the exhibition schedule and attend all social events. This will allow you to mingle with other attendees in a casual setting versus just on the trade show floor.


Attending trade shows is a straightforward way to stay ahead of the competition. Companies often use trade shows to highlight their best products but also as a testing ground for new offerings. Use the trade show to see what the competition is planning to launch or focus on in the coming months. It is also a great way to expose yourself to products or trends you might not have prior knowledge of.

Training & Education

Like conferences, trade shows allow organizations to educate their employees and customers. Most trade shows offer a learning component which can help you stay informed on industry trends. You can also use classes to work towards certifications beneficial in your industry.

Brand Awareness

Finding ways to grow your brand awareness is vital to steady growth as a business. Trade shows are an easy way to get your brand in front of key decision makers with new and existing customers. Offer to present a training session for attendees or consider sponsoring the organization hosting the event. If those options are not feasible, always be sure to wear company attire, bring along branded swag, and make sure to take along plenty of business cards.

Check out the Competition

Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to see what other companies are doing differently than you. For example, find out what services are they offering customers that you might not have considered yet.

Sales & Lead Generation

From a sales perspective, attending an industry related trade show is an effortless way to gather highly targeted leads under one roof. Keep in mind, most people who attend trade shows do so because they are looking for something: new and innovative ideas, solutions to current problems they are facing, or simply meeting likeminded colleagues. Meeting with potential customers face-to-face allows you to talk freely about your brand and answer questions on the spot. You can highlight your business and create an amazing first impression. Make sure to keep track of their contact information so you can begin marketing to them after the show.

In conclusion, attending a trade show should be a fun process: interacting with your peers, increasing your brand awareness, and learning more about the industry you conduct business in. Next time, you are debating on signing up for an expo, remember these 6 reasons why attending industry trade shows is important.

Reasons why you should attend a tradeshow

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