Security Alarm Industry Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you looking to grow your security alarm business by acquiring another business, or by merging with another business? Perhaps you’re eager to move into new geographic markets or expand your service offerings. Maybe you are a residential alarm dealer who wants to expand into the commercial sector by acquiring an experienced commercial integrator, or vice versa. At Egan Security Group, we have the experience to help you find, structure, and successfully navigate these types of transactions.

  • Merge with Another Business
    When two businesses come together there are a host of issues to resolve. And what better way to facilitate this type of deal than with an experienced industry veteran leading the way. With over 50 years’ experience growing security alarm businesses, our team can help you determine the best way to grow your business through strategic mergers.
  • Acquire a Business
    When you’re ready to acquire a new business entity, our team can help. With a proven track record of helping businesses grow through strategic acquisitions, we’re standing by to help you identify candidates
    for acquisition, make an offer, and work through the details to complete a successful transaction.

Ready to Seek a Merger or Acquisition?
When you’re ready to think about growing your security integration business through mergers and acquisitions contact us today for a confidential consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you realize maximum value for your business.

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