Sell Your Customer Accounts

When security industry entrepreneurs look to grow their businesses, they often consider buying a block of accounts. And this type of transaction can be equally beneficial to both parties.

Perhaps you’re ready to slow down, pivot to new products or markets, or consolidate your footprint geographically. Perhaps you’re looking for funds to support other interests, or simply wish to cash out a portion of your business while continuing to operate a more manageable, but still profitable, entity. You can accomplish this by selling a block of accounts.

At Egan Security Group, we’re experts at helping business owners divest portions of their business in order to move on to new opportunities. And we’ll work hard on your behalf to market whatever portion of your business you wish to sell to prospects who could benefit.

How Can Egan Security Group Help You Sell Customer Accounts?

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Financial Valuations
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Legal, Financial & Tax Matters
  • Deal Structuring
  • Marketing Your Business to Buyers
  • Proactively Seeking Strategic Buyers
  • Negotiating the Transaction
  • Handling All of the Details
  • And More

Ready to Sell Customer Accounts?
When you’re ready to think about selling a portion of your business or customer accounts, contact us today for a confidential consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you gain maximum value from your business.

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